As the professional tasked with the monumental task of giving life and breath to your client's dreams, we understand that each project is a combination of needs and limitations.

We are here from the start, ready to work with you on the smallest details that will help carry out your preliminary sketch to a perfect plan. Working with the specs and goals you present, we will create an appliance package that is perfectly suited to your client's specifications.


Great plans begin with great planning.

As the architect, you are the one most intimately familiar with the client's particular needs. The first step after creating a preliminary sketch is to call us. Already at this early stage, we can help you ensure that your plans proceed smoothly and predictably, with the nuts and bolts calculated from the start so that no surprise measurements or placements set you back.

Together we will work out a recommended appliance plan specified for your client's needs, design, space, and budget.

Contact us with your tentative floor plan and let's get to work.


An oft-overlooked component of superior planning is air conditioning and its impact on the home design.

Dropped ceilings, concealed condenser, placement on the wall – all these are design choices, and as such, should be reckoned in advance.

We are here for you here, too, providing you with all the design information you will need and helping you reach solutions that will make your final design comprehensive, thought-out, and impeccably seamless.


Different people have different needs. Some of your clients may be realizing their dreams through your work; others may be looking for functionality on a budget. Whatever your client's needs are, we are here to help provide the most attractive package for their particular preference.


Our intuitive smart system helps make choosing the right appliance package an exceptionally delightful and stress-free experience.

You can search, compare, review, decide, all from the comfort of a customized cart, ridding you of headache-inducing multiple choices.

Every price quote includes links and detailed information. Your basket is updated as we speak with the right appliances for your described needs.

Your final order will include far more than just a list of the appliances you chose. Every single detail you will need for the planning will be there – water, electricity, gas, specs, special requirements.

The transition from appliance choosing to implementation has never been easier.


Your time is precious and limited. So is your client's.

Deliveries are timely and predictable. You can move about your schedule, worry-free, and will be notified when your appliance is on its way.  

Needless to say, we stand fully behind every product we provide to you.


So… how do you begin? It's easy!

Call or WhatsApp us

Tell us what you need

Send us a preliminary floor plan so that we can discuss the specs

We'll take it on from there

Try us. You'll never look back.


See? It's that easy


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חדוה בוקשפן
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חייבת לציין את אורך הרוח וההקשבה לכל פרט וחלום של הלקוח. דירקט חשמל הוכיחו את עצמם בפתרונות שנתנו לכל בעיה שצצה לכל אורך התהליך בכדי לשלב בין העיצוב למערכת שנבחרה, הם קשובים ואדיבים ועומדים בזמנים ועושים הכל בכדי שהלקוח יצא מרוצה
Jerusalem Design
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It has been a pleasure working with Appliance Direct over the past six years. They are committed to giving our clients the best service with fair pricing and are always there to help sort out issues. 
טובי זוריבין
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דירקט חשמל - יהודית וכל הצוות נותנים תמיד שירות מהיר ומקצועי. כיף לעבוד אתכם.
Ivory Interiors -Elise Bloom
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Working with Appliance Direct gives me great confidence that my clients will receive the absolute best service! They are flexible and obliging - highly recommend!